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Start date set for new Council DAPs in South Australia

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Start date set for new Council DAPs in South Australia

November 2006

The South Australian Minister for Urban Development and Planning, Paul Holloway, has determined that new Council Development Assessment Panels - with a majority of independent members, as required by recent changes to the Development Act - must be in place by 26 February 2007.

Under changes to the Development Act passed by State Parliament in June, each Council Development Assessment Panel (CDAP) will be required to consist of seven members, with:

  • A specialist/independent presiding member (who is not a member of council or council staff),
  • At least three other specialist/independent members (who are not members of council or council staff), and
  • Up to three elected council members or council staff.

Members are to be appointed by Council. The Bill enables the Minister to agree to a variation in the number of members comprising a panel from seven up to nine or down to five in certain cases.

Minister Holloway has written to all Councils informing them that the new Panels (CDAPs) must be in place by 26 February 2007. The letter reads in part:

“As a result of discussions between Planning SA staff and councils throughout the State, and my discussions with the Local Government Association (LGA), I have determined that ... all CDAPs will be required to exist no later than 26 February 2007.

“The legislation enables such CDAPs and the new full delegations between staff and CDAPs to be established now or at an appropriate time after the council elections. Regardless of the timing, they must be in operation by 26 February 2007.

“In order to assist councils in establishing the new CDAPs and full delegations, the LGA has prepared and released a guideline on its website. Planning SA has also prepared a quick checklist to assist councils and this is also on the web. I am pleased that Planning SA and the LGA have been working together on these aids to councils."

The letter also emphasises that services should not be disrupted in the transition to the new CDAPs.

“While each council is establishing the new CDAP, it is vital that the delegation and interim CDAP arrangements are established by the Council to ensure ongoing and timely development assessment decisions continue to be made during the new CDAP appointment period. It is important that the community and applicants do not have increased uncertainty during this period.”

For more information, including a copy of the letter and the guides for councils, please visit our Development (Panels) Amendment Act 2006 page 3

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