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How to Repair a Scratched Wooden Floor

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Chairs, shoes, children’s toys and animals are only some of the causes of why beautiful wooden floors can become marred and scratched. Apart from eliminating or reducing these problems, wooden floors can be fixed with just a little time and elbow grease.

You may need:

  • Liquid solvent based wax
  • Fine steel wool
  • White spirit or other solvent
  • Wood stain/wood putty
  • Matching finish
  • Sandpaper

Step One

If the floor is waxed and only minimally scratched apply the solvent-based wax and allow to dry.

If this doesn’t disguise scratch marks, rub the steel wool over the area then a solvent. After that you can the rewax the damaged area.

Step Two

If the floor has been varnished or finished with shellac or polyurethane it will require only a light sanding and a new application of matching varnish.

Step Three

Any deep scratches or cleft marks can be hidden by firstly applying solvent to the flawed area. This removes the old waxes/finishes and allows the scratch to be filled with either a matching wood stain or putty. Sand back the putty then revarnish or wax the area.

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