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Solar Powered Air Conditioners a Must for Greenhouse Attack

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Solar Powered Air Conditioners a Must for Greenhouse Attack

November 2006

Archicentre, the building advisory service of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects has called for the Federal and State Governments to immediately pursue the development and commercialisation of air conditioners which run on solar energy in Australia as a major part of the climate change strategy.

Mr Robert Caulfield, Managing Director of Archicentre said that with increasing temperatures due to climate change Australia needs to be implementing a solar powered air conditioning strategy nationally with the latest existing technology and new technology yet to be developed.

“Solar powered air conditioners would make a major contribution to lowering Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

“Energy authorities have been warning for years that the explosion of power hungry air conditioners in Australia threatens the stability of the electrical grid during peak power demands in summer. When this demand is at its highest, potential solar energy supply is also at its highest level. This is a natural association and should be a key strategy,” he said.

Mr Caulfield said that every Member of Parliament in Australia should spend five minutes searching 'Solar Powered Air Conditioners' on Google to see the plethora of information and products available.

“Even the Pentagon in Washington has solar powered air conditioning.

“Our energy and climate problems are a clear and present danger and all of the Government funded agencies dealing with the issues of the greenhouse should becoming forward with a plan to develop solar powered air conditioners,” Mr Caulfield said.

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