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Beware of emerging weeds in the garden

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Beware of emerging weeds in the garden

The message from Queensland’s Natural Resources and Water’s Land Protection Unit is make sure you don’t plant a potential weed during spring.

Springtime is when gardening enthusiasts need to be wary of what is planted when a weed is removed, Nambour based Land Protection Officer, Hellen Haapakoski said today.

“Environmental weeds are a real problem in residential and rural gardens. If it’s weedy in the garden, then it’s weedy if it escapes to nearby natural bushland,’’ Ms Haapakoski said.

“The most significant threat comes from introduced species, sixty five per cent of environmental weeds were initially planted as garden ornamentals.”

Ms Haapakoski urged Sunshine Coast gardeners to avoid planting environmental weeds such as African fountain grass, glory lily, yellow guava, Japanese honeysuckle, murraya, taro, asparagus fern, mother of millions, African tulip tree, coreopsis, Mickey Mouse plant, agave, single balsam and duranta.

“These species are fast growing and invasive. They can be expensive to control once they take hold,” she said.

Gardeners can reduce the risk of planting potential weeds by avoiding known problem plants and steering clear of plants sold over the Internet.

“Gardeners should ask their nursery whether a plant has any weedy potential in the local area, and if so, select an alternative,” Ms Haapakoski said.

“Also beware of markets and roadside stalls selling easy to cultivate plants. These are often the weedy ones. Ask first before you buy.

“If something acts as a weed in a garden, then it is going to be a huge problem in bushland. Share information with neighbours and family about plants that become weedy, she said.”

A comprehensive list of weed species is available via the NRW website. Local Council’s and the Queensland Herbarium can also assist in identifying weed species.

“While legislation assists in controlling environmental weeds, individuals can make a huge difference,” Ms Haapakoski said.

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