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Australia's First Solar City - Adelaide

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Australia's First Solar City - Adelaide

October 2006

North Adelaide will host Australia’s first ‘Solar City’ as announced by the Prime Minister on 30 August. This will help to create a more sustainable future for Australians, and pave the way for more solar cities around Australia.

The Adelaide Solar City consortium - Origin Energy, BP Solar, Big Switch Projects, City of Salisbury, Mawson Lakes Development and the ANZ Banking Group - will receive up to $15 million through the Australian Government’s $75 million Solar Cities initiative to help change the way individuals, communities, businesses and governments think about and use energy. The consortium expects to leverage an additional $38 million from industry and other partners.

“Solar Cities is a new concept that brings together solar technologies, energy efficiency, smart metering and better electricity pricing to create more energy sustainable communities,” said Prime Minister John Howard.

The solar city proposal in Adelaide will enable consumers to purchase solar panels using special discounted loans, and panels are hoped to be installed in more than 1700 homes. People will be able to save around $200 per year on their electricity bills with the introduction of 7000 smart meters. The meters will help people change their energy use and become more energy efficient.

The Prime Minister announced that the comprehensive package of measures will double the current capacity of solar photovoltaic panels in South Australia, provide energy savings of $5 million per year, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30,000 tonnes per year.

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