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Re-carpeting - Choosing a Carpet Part 1 - Grading and Installation Considerations

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Re-carpeting - Choosing a Carpet Part 1 - Grading and Installation Considerations

by Megan Macpherson

Carpet is a popular floor covering which many home renovators choose when refurbishing an interior, or adding an extension. Re-carpeting is one way of renovating your home, and combined with a new paint job at the same time can totally transform the look and feel of a room, or the whole house. Carpet is one of the most well used materials in a home- everyday it is walked on, and bears the brunt of the damage from spills, furniture, kids and pets. Carpet is therefore something that may need to be replaced, but how do you go about getting the right replacement? Information from the Carpet Institute of Australia may give the helping hand that is required.

Make sure you choose a carpet that has been graded by the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS). Licensees of the ACCS are required to submit the technical information about their carpet to be assessed against a set of standards. The carpets are tested to meet a range of Australian Standards, such as colourfastness, tuft anchorage, insect resistance, pile thickness, flammability, and accelerated wear - among others.

Look for the ACCS label when buying a carpet, this should say “residential use” if you want to re-carpet your home, or “contract use” if you want to re-carpet a commercial space such as an office or shop. The label will also indicate which level of use the carpet should be able to handle; light, medium, heavy and extra heavy. This label will have a registration number, which can be checked with the ACCS. The label will also have a star rating system, which will indicate the level of quality.

When choosing a carpet, make sure you discuss installation with the seller, as how the carpet is installed may affect your decision. Walkways and stairs may need a high traffic carpet, and some houses may have floor plans which are more complicated to install carpet in than others. These factors may affect installation price, and therefore may affect the price of the carpet you choose to remain within your budget.

Consider buying extra carpet to replace high traffic areas such as stairs or hallways. Extra carpet can also be made into mats to place in front of doors or along hallways to reduce wear.

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