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Water Tanks and watering systems - Gardening Australia Expo Product Review

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Water Tanks and watering systems - Gardening Australia Expo Product Review

by Megan Macpherson

With water restrictions in place in some states already for summer, and the rest to follow, for any garden to be maintained in this period, other watering systems will need to be used. Installing water storage tanks not only will provide lots of water for the garden, but cut down water bills on drinkable water. This issue has brought many water tanks and systems into the market, and there are a range of options to suit the individual needs of the property, garden, budget and uses. Don’t forget, some Australian states offer a rebate for installing a water tank, making it an affordable and smart option.

The Aquarius Watermaster is a slim line tank system fitted directly to the down pipe on the house. It holds 300 litres, and can be diverted to other storage tanks. It is suited to fit in narrow spaces such as the side of the house, and if fitted to every down pipe will collect all of the rainfall from the roof. The slim line tank can be fitted with 4 filtrations; a cover hood with leaf screen, as well as a first flush tank, fine sieve mesh and sediment catch. The tank is fully enclosed with no visible pipes. The header tank comes as a complete set for $445, with additional storage tanks at $410. The leaf screening hood is $75, and the first flush tank filtration accessory is $135. To install either DIY or pay $185 for header tank installation and $85 for storage tank installation. Aquarius Watermaster delivery free to the Sydney Metropolitan area.

A larger alternative slim line water tank is the RainHaven Water systems tanks, which come in 4 sizes, 1100, 2000, 2700 and 3200 litres, with a round option at 5000 litres capacity. These Ultra UV polyethylene tanks come in a range of colours and a 25 year repair or replacement warranty.

The Wetpot Watering System is a drip irrigation system with a difference. It consists of ceramic pots buried under the soil next to plants, which seep water under gravity pressure under the soil surface. Roots of plants eventually attach themselves to the wetpots and use water when they need it. The Wetpots are attached to a 4mm pipe, and either connected to 30 or 60 litre storage tanks or mains water. DIY installation is easy and saves money. The Wetpot watering system kit comes with a 30 litre storage tank, 10 wetpot ceramic emitters, 5m by 4mm polypipe, instruction manual and all fittings. The advantages of this system is that it is water efficient, and can use as little as half a litre per emitter per week, and relies on gravity pressure.

Another kind of water tank is The Aussie Bladda Tank. This is a flexible reinforced polypropylene tank which is designed to fit under the house or deck. It can be rolled up to fit a narrow opening, and for transport, and is portable when moving house. It doesn’t take up space in the backyard, and is out of sight. The tanks can be linked to increase the water storage capacity, and come in domestic sizes of 1275 to 6190 litres, and rural sizes of over 10,000 litres. It is recommended that it is installed by a plumber, taking out the DIY option. The domestic sized tanks cost from $990 to $1900, and a rural tank of 12,000 litres costs $2800.

While efforts were made to ensure accuracy of information and prices at time of writing, check with company before making a decision.

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