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Ventialation and light for a closed-in room

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We have purchased a house previously extended and renovated however there was a design fault causing one of the bedrooms to have no ventilation and no window. The room has been closed in by and toilet/laundry behind it, a kitchen to the right and another bedroom to the left. The only natural light that can get into the room is through a sky light in the roof, but their is no ventilation.

Our thought was to create an L shaped room and remove the laundry but keep the toilet and hopefully add a small shower recess and pedistool basin to save space. We would also like to have two entraces to the mini bathroom/ ensuite. Currently there is no entrance from the bedroom to the toilet/laundry as there has been a builtin wardrobe installed against the back wall of the bedroom. I wont use this room for anything other than storage at the moment as I am afraid that there is no exsit out of the house incase of an emergency. We were wondering what opinions you might have about our idea and may suggestions to help us keep it at as minimal cost as possible.


You might want to get a skylight that can be opened and closed.  This will provide both light and ventilation to the area.  If you are keen on redesigning, it is best to get an architect or draftsman involved early so that any major changes can be built catering for all your needs.

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