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Regrouting tiles

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Regrouting tiles

by Megan Macpherson

Is the grouting in between the tiles in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry becoming discoloured or mouldy? Is it disappearing altogether? Maybe you have scrubbed at your grouting to remove the mould, and scrubbed too hard, causing the mould to go - along with the grouting. Cleaning products can also work their way into the grouting, and cause it to breakdown. The potential problem now is moisture build up, mould growing under the tiles, as well as leaking showers. What is the solution? Regrouting your tiles - removing the old grouting, and replacing it with new.

A grouting removal tool, or grout scraper can be bought from a hardware store, and you can use it to scrape out the old grout with a rigid blade. The blade will become blunt when you scrape at the grouting, due to its serrated edge, so buy extra replacement blades. The number of replacement blades to buy depends on how big the job is, and the quality of the blades. The price of a grout scraping and replacement blades varies, from under $5 to about $10, with replacement blades priced at just under that amount. This is an approximate cost; check your local hardware store. Other tools you can use include a stencil-point tile-cutting tool to scrape out the hard grout, or even wire if the grout is soft. Be careful not to chip tiles in the process.

Brush away grout and dust with an old toothbrush or other small brush. An old vacuum cleaner would save lots of hassle here. Mix up grout until it is a paste, before pressing into the gaps with a rubber squeegee and wiping the excess with a damp cloth. There are different kinds of grout on the market, one of which is Davco Sanitised Colourgrout, which comes in 26 colours. The sanitation factor will prevent mould growth in the future, and the colourings can add a different touch to your tiling. Seal the grout with a liquid sealer, stain guard, or silicon. Your bathroom will look renovated for a fraction of the cost and effort.

You can always call in a professional to do the job, who may use a mechanical tool to remove the grouting. Don’t forget to ensure the service includes sealing and polishing, to leave you with a bathroom that looks like new.

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