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Laundry Renovation Ideas

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Laundry Renovation Ideas

by Megan Macpherson

Washing clothes is one of those chores you just can’t get away from. The amount of time you may spend in your laundry may surprise you, and it’s not the most interesting place to be. Laundries often are overlooked when it comes to renovating, as they are seen as unimportant and not really where you want to be spending your money. The laundry may only ever make it onto the agenda when something important breaks, such as a washing machine, or when it starts to smell of mould, or when the tiles start chipping. If renovating your laundry there are several considerations, which could make your clothes washing job a lot easier.

Your laundry tub should be situated next to the washing machine, to avoid having to swing wet clothes across the room to get from one to the other. Although, most laundries won’t have the space for you to be able to choose where everything goes, as they are not designed for enjoyment. Maximising the space in your laundry is another consideration. There are lots of whitegoods that are mounted to a wall, such as the dryer. This may indeed save space, but remember that you have to be able to handle hoisting clothes in and out of it, as well as reach into the back to clean the filter.

When renovating, consider mould resistant paint for the walls. Adequate ventilation is also important for preventing mould, and will also create a room in which clothes can dry effectively. In case of rain, your dryer will be overloaded, and it is often more practical to try to hang up clothes in the house. However, there aren’t too many places in the house to hang clothes, so consider installing a clothesline in your laundry. There are a variety of options, such as suspending a rack or some poles from the ceiling to hang coat hangers from, stringing up some rope or line to hooks in the walls, or installing a removable clothesline such as the Versaline. A clothes horse will take up valuable floor space; however is also a good piece of laundry equipment as it can be moved into another room or onto a verandah.

Storage is a key factor for a laundry, as although it is probably the tiniest room in the house, it has to hold a lot of stuff. This consists of anything to do with cleaning, as well as everything that is too dirty to live the rest of the house, and anything that should go into the garage but you haven’t been bothered to put it away. Therefore having a decent sized cupboard, as well as some storage shelves and racks is essential. If you have children, put some child proof locks on the cupboard, as it will probably contain some poisonous chemicals. Hanging some hooks on the wall, or banging in some nails can be a great way to store those long items such as the broom and mop. Drill a hole in the handle and hang it up on the hook so it can’t be tripped over.

There are a variety of materials used to cover laundry floors, from tiles to vinyl, but the main consideration is water. Non slip tiles or floor coverings are necessary, as well as adequate draining. Consider wooden, plastic or wire mats or tiles that can be placed on top of the floor so you are not standing in water.

Make sure your laundry has enough power points for all the appliances, and make sure they have water proof covers. Setting up a radio or television in a well ventilated spot will make your time in the laundry a little more pleasant, but there needs to be enough power points to connect them.

If renovating your laundry, consider safety and environmental factors. Grey water from the washing machine can be diverted to a garden bed. Purchase an energy efficient clothes dryer, and a water efficient washing machine. Ensure the air vent on your dryer does not become covered over, as it can cause a fire. Remember to clean the filter in your dryer, as this can also become a fire hazard. If you are shopping for a new iron, buy one which turns itself off automatically after a period of inactivity.

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