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Liquid surface and floor covering - jazz up the kitchen or concrete floor

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Liquid surface and floor covering - jazz up the kitchen or concrete floor

by Megan Macpherson

Liquid Surface Creations and Liquid Floor Art is an interesting product range with many applications for the home renovator, including coloured concrete flooring, unique kitchen splash backs, doors, cupboards, coffee tables, even feature walls and fish tank decorations. Liquid Surface Creations provides a three dimensional glass appearance to any surface. Liquid Floor Art gives concrete floors a new look, and is a low allergy, low cost alternative floor covering to tiles, timber or carpet. Both products come in a range of colours to suit any situation or colour scheme, and the home renovator can create their own pattern or design.

Patented in April 2005, the Liquid Surface Creation’s biggest potential market is for kitchen splash backs and bench tops. The product is supplied on a pre-fabricated on coated compressed cement board in various sizes; 900mm x 1200mm, 900mm x 2400mm and 900mm x 3000mm. It can also be applied on a special manufactured low density polyethylene sheet. This sheet is available 0.9 metres high and up to 20 metres long in one piece for commercial applications. It can also be welded together to make very large panels if required for shop fittings or solid floors over cracked concrete, tiles or wooden floors. The pre-fabricated cement sheets are easy to cut and trim with a simple diamond blade on a hand held angle grinder, electric or with a fine hand saw.

This product can be installed over tiles as a splashback, and is chemical resistant. It is also heat and fire resistant, so is safe on cupboard doors or bench tops near heat such as the over or stove. It can be easily cut and drilled to go around power points.

If you are looking for a decorative feature which is a bit different, Liquid Surface Creations can be applied to perspex and illuminated with a light for a glowing effect. It is also water proof, so it can be used to jazz up a pond, swimming pool, fountain or water feature.

Liquid Floor Art can be applied to floor surfaces such as clean prepared concrete, however water based low odour epoxy primer may be required. When applying to stable ceramic, concrete or terra cotta tiles, a light surface grinding will be required. It can be applied to steel sheeting once it has been degreased and cleaned suitably. Liquid Floor Art can also be applied to weld jointed high density polyethylene or polypropylene sheeting.

Both products can be easily installed if you like to DIY. They come with detailed instructions, and a handyperson, home renovator or a tradesperson will be able install or apply the products, which could cut labour costs.

Liquid Creation products are similar to a gloss polyurethane finish on a timber or stone surface. They can be cleaned a microfibre cloth or mop, water and soap. Methylated spirits will help strip stubborn marks, and a floor polish will help to protect the floor and extend its life.

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