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Door Innovations - Rescue Door System

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Door Innovations - Rescue Door System

by Megan Macpherson

Locked doors are great for privacy, however they are a liability if there is an emergency in a room locked from the inside. This was the case with David Jetvic’s uncle who passed away behind a locked door before help was able to reach him. This spurred Jetvic and David Ashard to create a door which is able to be opened even if it is locked or there is a weight against it from the other side. The Rescue Door System is an innovative safety feature that would be worth installing in the home if occupants are elderly people, children, or those with health problems. Redefining conventional door systems, Rescue Door Systems may be the standard of the future, if they can provide quick access in the case of an emergency.

If you are renovating your home, safety features are an important investment. Considering safety features may be an added expense on top of your renovation budget, however they could prove to be worth the money if they can help prevent an emergency to your family, friends or flatmates- the people you are renovating your house for.

According to Rescue Door creators, over 600 people per week, or 30,000 per year get locked behind a door in Australia. Consequences of this can be prevented if a Rescue Door were installed, which enables the door to be opened from the outside in 10 seconds. Conventional doors close into a door jam, so it can only open one way. With a Rescue Door, the door stops can be retracted so that the door can open the other way. This is done by pressing the door stops at eight attachment points around the door frame, and then the door can swing outwards. The main elements of the Rescue Door System are the spring loaded retractable door jam, and the large hinge designed for the reverse swinging.

The Rescue Door is also suitable for commercial applications, such as in a bar, nightclub, hospital, nursing home, retirement village, and school. In a commercial setting, the Rescue door is available with a managers’ lock key.

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The Rescue Door can be retrofit to any existing door frame, and be installed on any timber or aluminium door. This is done by removing existing door jam and hinges and installing the Rescue Door. The installation kit can be easily fitted by a tradesperson, and two kits are available- for new doors, and retrofit. The doors come in the four Australian Standard frame sizes, 90 mm, 110 mm, 116 mm and 138 mm. The doors can be pre-primed finger joint pine, maple or steel frame. Rescue Doors can be delivered to all states and territories in Australia. Doors cost between $195 and $285 depending on door size.

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