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The lap pool for the shoe box backyard - swim jet pools

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The lap pool for the shoe box backyard - swim jet pools

by Megan Macpherson

Don’t have the space for a swimming pool? Like to swim laps for fitness? If you answered yes to both questions, you can still swim for fitness in your backyard, even if you don’t have the space for a pool. How? The same way a treadmill works, but with water; by moving the water with swim jets so you swim in one spot. You won’t even need more space than a spa would, and can install it on a deck, in your basement or in your backyard. Don’t worry about lap lane availability, pool entry fees, or tumble turns ever again.

A swim spa is a combination swimming pool and spa. Swim jets are powerful air jets which you swim against. Swim jets can be installed in a regular pool to the same effect. The concept of swimming against swim jets is resistance swimming, and is often used by athletes in the sports of swimming and triathlon. Athletes and their coaches find this kind of swimming useful as they can monitor the stroke and style of the swimmer more easily from one location.

One brand located in Victoria is Alpine Swim Spas. There is a spa which can either be a hot relaxing spa, or simulate a lap pool by turning on the swim jets. Or the Calypso swim spa has less features of a spa, and is shaped for swimming. They have adjustable nozzles for different pressures to swim against, smooth rounded surfaces and built in skimmer box.

A swim spa brand with 20 years experience in the industry is Endless Swim Spas. They specialise in swim spas, spa pools and spa baths. The Endless Swimming Spa measures 4.3m x 2.3 m and can be installed in three days. There are portable and installed models available, the swim jets are located at one end, with the spa located at the other. The swim spas are heated so you can swim all year round. There are two types of jets, the high performance jet, and Endless Badu jet. There are 5 different models to choose from, and are made from vacuum formed acrylic.

All Spas in Adelaide have a huge range of swim spas, from the original party swim spa with the option of eight swim jets, to the Sports Exercise swim spa which is fitted with a rowing seat for a different kind of aquatic exercise. The Elite swim spa is small and lightweight and can be installed on roof tops or balconies. The Trainer swim spa has more emphasis on the swim than the spa, and is designed for swimming training. The Layback hydro swim spa on the other hand has more emphasis on the spa, with full length recliner, and spa space for 14 people.

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