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Make your roof or attic space useable

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Make your roof or attic space useable

by Megan Macpherson

Do you need more space in your home? Why not convert your roof space into storage space or even another room? This untapped area may be the answer to all of your storage or space problems. Everyone has stuff that they don’t use anymore, such as furniture, clothes and family memorabilia. The simplest option is to install an access ladder or stairway, clean out your roof and then store goods in dust proof containers. If you have had an extra child, or you need a place to relax away from the family, an additional room in your home without building one can be found in your roof. Convert the space into a bedroom or hideaway, complete with carpet, windows, electricity, even a bathroom.

There are several options for converting your attic, and this depends on what you intend its end use to be. There are several companies that make access ladders; these include AM-BOSS, Breezeway, Bayview Ridge Enterprises Loft Ladder, and the Attic Conversion Centre. The latter is able to also convert the space into a room, with windows and insulation. Before you have any grand ideas about what to do with your roof space, stick your head in there and have a look around. If you already have an attic, then you are set to go. If you want to convert your roof space into an attic, check to see whether you have a trussed roof or not. Trusses criss-crossing the roof cavity holding your roof up may ruin the concept of a spacious area. You can get them rebuilt, but factor in the cost of this to the renovation budget. You may also need to check air-conditioning systems, as they may be placed in the roof. Don’t forget to investigate council regulations, as a development application may need to be submitted if you are undertaking building work.

One brand of access ladders is AM-BOSS. Based in Tasmania, they have two types of ladders, the Access-Boss and Access-Meister. The Access-Boss is made from aluminium, with flat non slip treads welded into the stiles, while the Access-Meister is manufactured in New Zealand pine timber.  Both come fully assembled, and can be installed by you, or installation can be arranged. The ladders have concealed hinges and neat metal architrave, and handrails are also available. The ladders start from $700, and vary in price depending on the ceiling height and type of ladder.

Another brand of ladder is Bayview Ridge Enterprises Loft Ladder. The ladders fit any size opening down to 508mm x 432mm, therefore do not require any structural alterations to install. There are two types of loft ladder, the Easiway, and the Deluxe. The Easiway Loft Ladder has a safety catch to prevent premature drop during sliding, it has a large handrail, and is contructed from aluminium. It also has deep flat non slip treads. The Deluxe Loft Ladder has two handrails, as well as nylon slides for silent and smooth sliding operation, and holds a maximum 150kg in weight. Ladders come with DIY instructions and therefore can be easily installed yourself.

The Breezeway Fakro Access ladder is a folding ladder instead of a sliding ladder. It is made from timber and folds into three folding sections. The ladder holds up to 160kg in weight, and has plastic feet to reduce floor damage. It has a spring operated lowering mechanism which can be adjusted to change the force with which the ladder is raised and lowered. The tread has milled anti slip grooves and dovetail joints for safety. There is a red metal handrail which can be installed on either side of the ladder.

The attic conversion centre provides that extra step when converting your roof space. Backed up by 30 years experience, they provide all the products and services to make your roof into an attic, or to make your attic useable. They manage the project, and use a combination of builders and engineers to design and build the renovation, including council drawings. The Attic Conversion centre makes aluminium or timber ladders, and specialise in custom made stairs. They are able to build anything you may need for your attic conversion, including double glazed roof windows, with Venetian blinds. Other products include attic thermal insulation, roof vents for cooling, and under floor acoustic noise membranes.

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