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Home Security - Lock it in, Eddie

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Home Security - Lock it in, Eddie

by Megan Macpherson

Home security is the most important type of home improvement you can do. Before embarking on your newest DIY or renovation project, consider installing some home security to protect your greatest asset. This doesn’t need to be an extensive CCTV surveillance system; it can be as simple as installing new lock systems and making your house less vulnerable to break-ins.

There are a variety of different locks you can install on your doors and windows. A deadlock will bolt a door closed, and cannot be opened from either side without a key. This is known as a double cylinder deadlock. You should always leave the key inside the lock on the inside when you are home in case of an emergency. A safety deadlock allows keyed entry from the outside, but can be opened without a key from the inside. A pin style lock can be used on sliding doors and windows to allow the door or window to be locked in a partially open position. A surface deadlock or a rim latch is mounted to the surface of the door, and is only as strong as the screws that hold it. A mortice deadlock is set within the door itself.

As well as installing locking devices, there are some other ways you can make your home more secure. Burglars are attracted to homes which are dark and look empty. An outside light operated by a movement sensor will switch on when someone walks past. Leaving lights on inside the house at night especially when you are not there will make the home look occupied. Having the television or radio hooked up to timers to switch them on and off at different times will also act as a deterrent. Trees and shrubs outside the home are nice for your privacy, but also give thieves privacy when they are stealing your television. Don’t let your garden become overgrown, trim trees and shrubs regularly.

Lockwood has a new product which enables you to access your home without keys. The Nexion keyless entry lockset is an automatic deadlatch with the convenience of Q-key or remote control access. It also can be operated with traditional keys. A deadlatch is a lock containing a deadlatch bolt, which is a “spring actuated bevelled latchbolt, which operates in conjunction with an auxiliary bolt with automatically locks the latchbolt against return by end pressure.” It has added safety features such as LockAlert, which indicates red when locked from both sides, yellow when locked from outside but not from inside, and green when unlocked. Another feature is SafetyRelease, which eliminates the possibility of being locked in, by changing the lockset to safety mode when the door is opened and external key removed. Keyless entry is ideal for when your hands are full, or for quick entry when it’s raining.

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