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Insect Screen solutions for those hard-to-get-at places

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Insect Screen solutions for those hard-to-get-at places

by Megan Macpherson

In Australia, insect screens are essential. Hot weather means doors and windows need to be open, but it also means that insects fly right into your home. Insect screens used to be standard, and fitted to your windows, and fly screen doors were on every door. However, with the variety of window and door types and styles these days, the fixed insect screen may be impractical, or even impossible. There are several solutions on the market, to enable you to install fly screens on any window or door.

Magnetic insect screens, such as the product by Magic Seal are a custom made and fitted screen designed to fit on a particular window. They are attached via a magnetic seal around the window frame, and can be easily peeled off if needed. They can be cut to fit any shaped or sized window, and the borders can be coloured to match the frame. With some windows there isn’t any space available for a conventional screen to sit, for example where there are security grilles installed on the outside. Therefore, a magnetic screen that sits on the inside of the window is the only option available for a screen. Outward opening windows are also an issue, as the screen needs to be installed on the inside. A magnetic screen can adhere to the inside of the window frame, and be peeled back to open or close the window. The screens are washable, and will not rust or corrode if you live near the ocean.

Another option is a retractable screen. This can be rolled out or down, and secured in place. This is an option for doors which don’t open conventionally, such as bi-fold or French doors, or windows which open outwards. This is also a great way that the screens can be removed out of sight, for example in winter when all the doors and windows are closed up anyway. This means that you can still enjoy the view out of your window or door without having a screen to impair it.

Ultrascreen is a brand that offers a variety of options such as cassette roller screens for single or double doors, as well as chain operated screens for vertical openings. They also have a DIY option called ‘EEzE’ screen which can come in kit form and be fitted yourself.

Freedom screens have retractable screen or bi-fold door screen products for those hard to screen openings. The freedom retractable screen has a patented brake system which can stop the screen at any point along the track. Retractable screens can of course be retracted into their housing when not in use. They can also screen off a verandah or patio and increase your living space around your home. The bi-fold screen works in much the same way as a bi-fold door, but is actually an insect screen. Freedom screens can be fitted with stainless steel mesh which meets Australian Bush Fire regulations.

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