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How about an Infrared Sauna in your Home?

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How about an Infrared Sauna in your Home?

by Megan Macpherson

Saunas not only help you relax, they provide multitudes of health benefits. However, you don't need to go to the gym to use one; you can buy a sauna that can be placed in your home as an independent unit. There are many kinds on the market; one kind uses infrared light, instead of steam.

Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the skin directly, rather than warming the air first as is the case in traditional saunas. In infrared saunas, a heater produces this radiant energy, which is similar to the heat from the sun. This is different to UV rays or atomic radiation; infrared heat is radiant heat and is safe. The rays create heat energy, which penetrates into your body by at least three centimetres, and this warms muscles and joints. You sweat 2-3 times as much in an infrared sauna as you would do in a conventional sauna.

Benefits of a sauna include tissue stimulation, heavy sweating to remove toxins from the skin and body as well as therapy for tissue injuries, cuts and wounds. Being in a sauna makes your blood pump faster and therefore increases your cardiovascular capacity, similar to when you are exercising.

One of the benefits of infra red saunas is detoxification. When toxins such as mercury, carbon dioxide, pesticides or food additives meet large water molecules in the body, water clusters encapsulate them and they are stored, often in fatty tissue. Far infrared (FIR) heat produces heat waves that vibrate the ion bonds of the atoms holding these molecules of water together. As the agitation continues, breakdown of the water molecules occurs, and encapsulated toxins are released and perspired out of the body via the skin. FIR heat has also seen to help with weight loss, and it has been reported that over 600 calories can be lost while in a sauna for a 30 minute session.

One particular brand of FIR sauna on the market is called the Sunlight Sauna. The Armana product is a one person cabin that looks like a conventional wood panelled sauna. It is different to other FIR saunas as it has a patented technology called Solocarbon heating panels. These panels are installed in the floor, back and side walls of each cabin, creating a greater heating area. This enables a higher concentration of FIR heat to be transmitted at a lower temperature.  The heating panels are made from organic carbon that produces the most beneficial FIR waves, as opposed to ceramic or steel. The Sunlight saunas come with sound systems with MP3 input, and other audio visual equipment can be installed.

A conventional sauna, however, adds some health benefits that an infra red sauna cannot, for example, help with respiratory and sinus problems. A steam room is another way of getting all the benefits of a sauna, without the dry heat which can irritate nose and throat. A sauna in your home or backyard is a lifestyle improvement product, and similar to a pool or a home gym is a great way to be able to improve your health in the comfort and privacy of your own home. A sauna does not take up much room, and can therefore be used in small homes, townhouses and even an apartment.

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