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The Pod System - Pavilion Renovations

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The Pod System - Pavilion Renovations

by Megan Macpherson

When you need more space, moving house is expensive. Renovating is the alternative, but if you don't know much about construction, or you don’t have to time to plan and coordinate a renovation, it is a real struggle. There is now an answer: The Pod System is a unique concept whereby an extension is added to your house in the form of a pavilion.

The concept was created by the architect Kim Crestani and the Sydney based business made possible by two companies, Order Architects and Prestige Building Services. These companies have worked on innovative projects such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics athletes' village at Newington. Nick Chipizubov, design manager for the Pod System explained how Kim Crestani came up with the Pod System.

"He wanted to create architecture for the masses, and was trying to find a vehicle to do that. Pavilion concepts commercialised the idea," he said.

The Pod System is an independent structure that is accessed by a link to your existing house, which can be the size of the whole back of the house, or a simple three-metre wide breezeway. There are 16 floor plan combinations to choose from, with one or two storey pavilions, as well as five link options. Internal and external options such as kitchen, bathroom, cladding, roofing and landscaping can be chosen based on your needs and land requirements. Simplifying a renovation into a series of options takes the incredible amount of researching and planning out of a home renovation. There are also floor plans for common extensions such as a granny flat, garage, or getaway for parents or kids. Extra internal and external options are also provided to customise your pavilion even further, for example timber flooring, a courtyard, or bi-fold doors.

The Pod system helps to manage your renovation budget, something that can easily spiral out of control.

"Work that you do to the existing house is what makes it difficult to control the budget, and there can be unknowns once you start building. With the Pod system, little of the original house gets touched. Unlike a traditional renovation, which cannibalises the existing house," said Chipizubov.

A great deal of the expense for extension type renovations include trying to match the extension to the existing home. Therefore, if you don't mind a different structure added onto the back, then The Pod System circumnavigates this problem. The other way that money is saved by using The Pod System is that you don't have to go through council and building tenders, as they will take care of it for you. Councils are limiting the number of homes, or parts of homes being knocked down and rebuilt; therefore, the pavilion renovation gets around this issue.

Getting a Pod System pavilion is quite straightforward. Design consultants will come to your house and give you a quote, in the form of computer presentation, detailing your chosen options and presenting colour images and plans to you. After council approval, The Pod System will be built within 3 months, and the whole process takes about 6 months. Chipizubov says that a budget price within 5% of the end cost can be given to clients at this time.

"It gives clients surety of the product. They can proceed with confidence, knowing that it’s not going to be a horror renovation process," he said.

There are other renovation services on the market that plan and organise your renovation. However, The Pod System gives the client more idea of how the process will turn out, in terms of style and budget. If your renovation dream exists outside of the 16 floorplans, however, a Pod System Pavilion may not be the answer. But, The Pod System does take the demons out of the renovation process, saving you time and hassle.

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