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The Simple Way to Re-Touch Paint

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The Simple Way to Re-Touch Paint

Having a young artist in the family can pose problems when removing drawings and scuff marks from walls and painted surfaces. Setting up rollers, trays and drop sheets for small touch up jobs can be time consuming and messy.

Keeping walls clean from scuff marks and scribbles does not have to be a difficult task. To make this job easy, Selleys, distributor of the Shur-Line range of painting accessories, introduces the Australian-first Paint Buddy re-touch tool.

Featuring a mess-free mini paint roller and clear plastic container to store left-over, water-based paints indefinitely, Paint Buddy is convenient and simple to use.

After painting a room, simply store surplus paint in Paint Buddy and label the cap with room and colour details for easy identification.

A fast solution, the paint dries to a perfect colour match and the airtight valve prevents paint drying out between jobs.

Once the painting task is complete, cleaning is simple - either rinse the mini roller or replace it.

Paint Buddy is also a useful tool for children's canvas artworks and craft projects.

Paint Buddy complements the Shur-Line range, which includes the 2 Wheel Edger, Trim and Touch Up Pad and Stain and Varnish Kits.

Shur-Line Paint Buddy is available from all leading hardware stores and retailers nationally. RRP: $14.98

For further information visit or contact customer service on 1300 555 205.

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