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Cladding a bathroom wall: how and with what?

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I am planning to pull off my old wall tiles in my old bathroom (1950's). I have a feeling that the brick wall behind them will be completely ruined as all the walls are rendered. I plan to lay a fresh surface with a product like "villa board" to give me a straight flat surface for tiling.

Is it best to pop in a couple of wall plugs and screw and glue (liqiud nails) the board to the wall, or glue the board to the walls and brace them while the glue dries? Can you advise me on what would be the best product to use to line the walls and how to fix it, and also what glue to use?


Youre probably right  the wall behind your tiles is likely to be unsuitable for direct application of new tiles. You should apply a cladding as you suggest, and you should secure this cladding as best you can with both wall plugs / screws and liquid nail glue.

It would be best to use cornice cement as the adhesive, as this is the strongest type of adhesive plaster, and will work brilliantly for what you need.

And yes, Villaboard is most likely the cheapest and best option for your cladding material.

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