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Hydronic heating - is it good and inexpensive?

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Is hydronic heating the way to go? What is the cost?


It is definitely a heating system worth considering and one which would be ideal to have installed during the warmer months - it may be a little more expensive to install in winter when there is a greater demand for heating.

There is a great company called Hurlcon that distributes the parts that make up a hydronic heating system. They don't deal with the public but with installers. Their website has a wealth of information on the system itself.

The cost of installation runs at about $1,500 per "point" and one would have a radiation point in bedrooms, ensuites, main bath, living areas, etc. So the overall cost depends on whether it is new construction or a retro-fit and on how many points in the home are required.

To have such a system installed you may have to contact companies such as Helsby Services Pty Ltd (02 9519 9044) and speak to Peter Kean who will be able to advise you on a quotation for your new hydronic heating system.

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