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Possums make their home in your newly renovated one

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Possums make their home in your newly renovated one

by Megan Macpherson

Possums are one of the more unwelcome visitors to your home, as the nocturnal creatures like to make their presence known during the night. Removing possums from your roof is not always easy, but sealing up the roof to make sure they do not return will help. Unfortunately, the process for possum removal is not quite so straightforward when you are renovating your home, and it is left open to night guests.

The removal of trees from around your house to make way for renovations could leave possums without a home. Therefore, their obvious choice is your new extension, as they are territorial, and are not easily convinced to move.

The Information Officer from the National Parks and Wildlife Service suggests placing mothballs in the renovated space, as well as installing lights in the area which can be turned on all night. She also suggests trying to seal the area.

Try to net across open areas, but make sure its taut, as loose nets can be dangerous, and things can get caught up in them. Use a small gauge net, she said.

As well as mothballs, possums dont like eating plants that have been laced with chilli oil, so lacing fruit with chilli oil would likely have the same effect.

Providing an alternative home for possums will give them a place to live and stop them from looking in other areas of your home for a bed. Place a possum box in a sheltered location, four metres from the ground. Leaving some fruit inside will ensure that the possum will inspect its potential new home. Avoid leaving too much food too often, as possums dont need to be fed by humans.

Possums are protected under State environment and wildlife acts, so do not attempt to exterminate a possum yourself. You might need the help of a professional if the possum or one of its friends returns, but making sure your home is free of possum sized holes will help prevent them from returning.

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