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Renovating your home to make room for kids? Make it child safe.

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Renovating your home to make room for kids? Make it child safe.

by Megan Macpherson

Are you renovating the house to make room for kids? Why not make your home child safe at the same time. Even if you aren't renovating at the moment, it is a good idea to make the house kid safe, to prevent all those nasty accidents.

Government figures estimate that an average of 5,000 children seek medical attention because of accidents per day. Many of these accidents occur at home; therefore, it is very worthwhile to install safety features in the home.

There are many things you can do around the home to make it safe for children. Barriers are a good way of preventing access into certain areas of the house, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or at the bottom or top of stairs. While not being the trendiest look, if your home is open plan or has doorways without doors, then these barriers or gates are ideal.

Toddlers love to climb, so make sure that banisters and balcony fences have no footholds for little Tarzan. The best types are at least one metre from the ground, and have no horizontal bars.

Electricity is another hazard in the home, so safety switches are necessary to prevent electric shocks. Power point covers are also another precaution, as well as safety plugs in spare power points. Appliances should be unplugged when not in use, and cords coiled, and kept out of reach of children.

Door knobs and taps are another problem area. Covers can be bought to cover them and stop kids from turning them on. Safety taps can be installed that control hot water to prevent burning.

When buying new furniture, think about rounded corners as opposed to pointy ones. This could help keep a bad accident from becoming worse, as a falling child comes into contact with furniture. To prevent slipping, consider non-slip surfaces for stairs.

Latches and locks installed onto cupboard doors and drawers can help stop kids from accessing anything dangerous, including tools or poisons. In addition, if a door can't open, a finger can't get jammed in it. Finger jam protectors can be hooked up to a door to prevent such injuries, by keeping the door in the open position.

These are just a few tips for making your home child safe. Preventing accidents is much better than dealing with them as they occur. Kids can be unpredictable but you and your home can be prepared.

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