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Finishing touches to your renovation plans

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Finishing touches to your renovation plans

Obviously you've noticed DIY is all the rage at the moment. Blitzing this and changing that and you're about to jump on the bandwagon.

Firstly, let's set the scene and think ahead - you have finished renovating and it all looks immaculate, just like one of those homes featured in your favourite magazine, oh and did I mention that you had it all done in one weekend.

OK, time to wake up.

If you are visiting this website you are probably experiencing or about to experience the reality of renovation - that is the dirt, dust and rubbish you create as you get creative.

And P.S., it will probably take a little while longer than TV land might have you think.

What is our DIY tip? Vacuum your home.

Not many people realise the important role the humble vacuum cleaner plays in their lives and this becomes even more important in the midst of home renovation.

Vacuum cleaners that work properly will remove all the things you will find during your renovation. Things like dust, dirt, rubbish, plaster board, wood, dust mites, dust mite feaces and bacteria.

We recommend you vacuum your floors, furniture, blinds, mattresses, skirting boards, window sills and wherever else you can think of at the end of each day of renovation. This will guarantee you a cleaner home, protect your furniture and belongings and, after all, why wouldn't you want to look after the area you have just spent weeks making your own.

When renovating, don't just focus on areas the under renovation, you will be surprised how much dust and rubbish will find its way throughout your home. Vacuuming once a day will give that important peace of mind.

So what should you look for in a vacuum cleaner?

Firstly, ensure that you have a vacuum cleaner that works properly, never losing suction, has a HEPA filter and a Bactisafe screen (which gets rid of those nasty little creatures you cant see), expels clean air, which is extremely important after you've been breathing in renovation dust all day, and should come with floor tools and accessories that make cleaning easier and more effective.

Most homes these days have more than just one type of floor covering. Anything from carpet to tiles, from wooden floorboards to concrete. So, make sure your vacuum cleaner suits the floor types you have in your home; or better still choose one that will clean effectively on all floor types - after all you never know when the renovation bug might bite again.

Top of the range vacuum cleaners come with features such as hard floor tools, turbine heads and soft brushes that will allow you to clean any of these types of surfaces just as efficiently as if it were carpet.

Cleaning up renovation dirt and dust is more work than just an average household clean, so make sure you keep your vacuum cleaner providing top performance with some extra TLC.

Keep an eye on your filters by cleaning them regularly, and if you you're vacuuming up plaster dust, which is more than likely, be aware that when you mix it with water it generally forms a paste - so ensure your filter is thoroughly clean before you return it to the machine and you can also get your machine serviced once your renovation is finished.

Dust and rubbish is a common sight when renovating. So, as we have suggested, by keeping on top of the cleaning and vacuuming, you will be renovating and living in the cleanest possible home.

Happy renovating. Oh, and don't forget cleaning.

This information was brought to you by Dyson, the only vacuum cleaner that works properly, never losing suction.

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