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Where do you live while renovating?

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Where do you live while renovating?

If you are living in the same dwelling that is being renovated, where do you live? How do you cook dinner if your kitchen is being renovated? Moving into temporary accommodation and eating in restaurants may become expensive, especially if the renovation takes longer than planned. Rooms may have to be emptied of furniture, kids and pets relocated, and the lounge room transformed into a kitchen. Here is a survival guide for living in the midst of home renovations.

Your furniture may need to be removed from a room, either to another part of the house, or taken to a storage facility. Some storage facilities can provide a removal van and driver included in the storage costs. Boxes of varying sizes as well as protective covers for furniture can usually be purchased. Prices for space rental will vary depending on size. A storage space the size of an average bedroom, would fit the furniture for a 2-3 bedroom home, including dining settings, white goods as well as many other boxes. This can cost approximately $200, but you should consider shopping around for a facility based on its location, prices, space availability and access.

The cost of kitchen renovations can quickly escalate if your family eats out at restaurants instead of at home. Make the most of warm weather, and consider planning renovations for the summer, so that outdoor entertaining areas can be utilised for cooking and eating. If you don't have a barbeque, maybe you can hire or borrow one for the renovation period. The classifieds section of your local paper could source a second hand barbeque instead of buying a new one. Don't pack away all of your kitchen appliances. The toaster, kettle, sandwich press and electric frying pan can be plugged in on the back verandah, or in another room of the house to prepare a variety of meals. An electric fry pan can double as an oven if the food container is raised from the bottom of the pan to allow air circulation from the bottom element.

What about kids and pets? They may not cope with adapting to their home being turned upside down. Kids may enjoy camping in the backyard for a night or two, but not for months. Staying with friends or relatives can help to ease the stress which renovating places upon the family. Some pets may be keen to join the kids outside, however boarding kennels or a friendly neighbour could be a viable option for keeping pets out of the construction zone.

Do not forget to include these extra living costs into your renovation budget. Plan ahead to make sure that alternative living, eating and storage arrangements are made before your home becomes a construction site. If the stress of living in a construction zone is too great, take your yearly holidays during the renovation period and leave renovation worries behind.

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