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My partner and I are removing a house and we basically just want to know, when we get the house to the block..where to we start?! ie. plaster the walls first, paint all interior, floor boards in the kitchen, install kitchen, then renovate the bathroom. for instance, should we be doing the kitchen and the bathroom first (in terms of comfort factor). Do we do the walls and floors first in the kitchen before installing the kitchen? as we don't want to be sanding around the kitchen when we polish and sand the floor? Just wondering if there's a 'step by step' for the overall house reno?


You seem to have the right idea on staging your renovation. Make all the changes you need to do with the walls first. Then you may apply your floor finishes. The kitchen can go in after you have done the flooring for it. The bathroom can be done as a separate task depending on your comfort requirements - first, last, or while you're doing other jobs.

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