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Big Style For Small Rooms

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Big Style For Small Rooms

by Dani Matthews

Do you have a small room to furnish? Lucky you! Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to living spaces. Small rooms require less furniture and (hooray!) less cleaning. And there are plenty of ways to make that small area appear much more spacious.

Try some of these size-grabbing tricks and see the difference for yourself.

Use colour wisely

  • To really open up a room, paint the walls and ceiling in the same light colour. If you love the monochromatic look, use the same colour on the floors, too, for a seamless, uncluttered appearance.
  • To visually lift a low ceiling, paint a feature wall of vertical stripes in light tones (such as yellow and white) or hang a gorgeous vertical striped wallpaper to add height to the room.
  • In small bedrooms and bathrooms, busy patterns on sheets and towels can be overwhelming. Stick to one colour family for a more soothing effect.

Furniture for small rooms

  • Choose slim, unobtrusive furniture with fine legs and streamlined tops. Avoid chunky coffee tables and oversized couches that will crowd the room.
  • See-through safety glass on coffee, dining and bedside tables makes small rooms look less cluttered and gives a clear view through the room.
  • Invest in a set of sleek folding chairs or stackable stools for entertaining. Folding chairs can be stored under a bed when not in use. Stools double as seating or small occasional tables. When not in use, stack stools in a corner of the room to hold a small collection of books or magazines.

Wall treatments

  • Be canny with storage. If you are remodelling your lounge or bedroom, use the opportunity to build recessed shelving and storage which takes up space in your wall cavity, not in your room.
  • Hang a large painting in a small room to make an attractive focal point. Hanging many small paintings or prints on the wall above the couch or bed will have the same effect.

Windows and mirror tricks

  • Lighten up your space with as many windows as practicable. Position windows to take in a pleasant view and enlarge the rooms aspect.
  • Choose curtains in the same colour as the walls. Avoid patterned fabrics and fussy window treatments, like pelmets or ornamental curtain rods.
  • Hang a large mirror where it will best reflect light and a view to the garden or another room.
  • In a bedroom with a low ceiling, a mirror placed over the bedhead can add depth and height to the room.

Bigger bathroom

  • Gleaming white tiles and matching accessories work best in a small bathroom.
  • A black and white or blue and white tiled floor, laid in a diamond pattern, will give the appearance of more floor space.
  • Do you really need a big vanity unit? A small sink set into a simple benchtop gives a clean line and frees up visual space underneath. A small mirrored wall cabinet provides storage and a reflective surface.

Go on, break the rules

  • Paint a small bedroom crimson red or a tiny bathroom moody blue. This treatment wont make them appear any bigger but it will create the kind of awesome impact that is impossible to achieve in a large room.
  • Build a ceiling-to-floor bookcase along one wall. This grand gesture will give the illusion that the room must be bigger than it seems. Plus youll have all that valuable storage!

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