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The best way to attach a picture rail onto a brick / rendered wall

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What is the best way to attach a picture rail onto a brick / rendered wall? We have a pre-war full brick place that has had picture rails removed from a couple of rooms and I want to re-install them but am not sure how to attach the rail so that it will remain in place once we hang pictures from it.


If you’re intending to affix picture rails directly onto rendered brick walls it would be ideal to secure them using the screw and spaghetti system. The size of the picture rails will determine the length of the spaghetti and screw. To make sure the screw is firmly secured to the bricks, that is, that there is enough penetration into the brick, a spaghetti length of 50mm may be suitable.

Pre-drill the picture rails and chamfer the ends. Mark the spots to be drilled into the wall. Drill through render and brickwork but before placing the spaghetti into the hole, insert a straw and blow air inside to expel dust. Insert the spaghetti through picture rail and hole in the wall then thread the screw. The weight of the pictures you’re intending to affix will determine the screw centers. Having stated as much, err on the safe side. Finish the chamfer hole with putty then paint.

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