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Restoring flaking ceiling paint

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My house ceiling is plasterboard and last painted at least 15 years ago. The paint has crazed (fine hairlike cracks up to 4mm and blistered in parts especially around the lights). Most noticeable around the kitchen and bathroom. My understanding is that the reason it failed is because a quality sealer wasn't used 1st on the plasterboard. My brother in-law has suggested that the only way to fix it is by battening and re-gibbing and plastering. Is this realistically the only thing I can do?


If you are able to scrape back and sand the problem areas, you may get away without re-sheeting the whole ceiling.

Once the area is scraped back and sanded and all loose pieces are removed, apply a sealer. Speak to your paint shop about the best type. You may then apply a textured paint to hide any remaining imperfections. Once again, speak to your paint shop about the best type of paint to use for this purpose.

If you feel that the ceiling is beyond repair, then you may need to re-sheet / re-set before re-painting.

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