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What constitutes a bedroom?

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We are planning to sell our home soon and are thinking of making some improvements before then. We have a large room downstairs that we would like to convert into a bedroom. Our question is really whether there are any legal requirements as to what constitutes a bedroom, apart from a minimum ceiling height of 2400mm? This room is accessed via an archway from another room we are using as a study. It is also a step down from the rest of the ground level of the house. We really need to know whether we can market as 4 bedrooms rather than 3. Any help appreciated.


The main problem with what you are proposing is that there is no separate access to this room. If you can only access the room through another room, technically it is not a 4 bedroom house. To get around this problem, you would need to either create a new doorway into the room (leading to a main hallway or central space) or construct a hallway between the two rooms so that each has its own access.

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