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Bathing Beauty

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Bathing Beauty

Think of baths and chances are you'll think of a luxurious soak, closely followed by concern over how much water they use. But there's no need to worry! Despite this new era of water-consciousness, there's still a place in any home for a bath. We've spoken to Belinda Geels from Reece Showroom Marketing to find out the latest trends.

Baths are no longer just something to wash the kiddies in, or somewhere to relax when you don't feel like having a shower. The new baths are reminiscent of luxurious retreats.

The major upcoming trends in baths, according to Geels, are 'deep soaker baths, to maximise small spaces and modern freestanding baths with smooth, inviting curves.

"The bathroom is no longer just a place to wash off the day's dirt. It has become a sanctuary in the home. The bath provides the perfect haven to relax, rejuvenate and unwind."

Baths aren't immune to the advances of technology either. Now they do so much more than just hold water.

"The latest bath technologies have been designed to satisfy the desire for revitalisation and indulgence, such as the clever design of the Dolce Vita Isle bath which can be fully fitted as a hydrotherapy spa, making bathing a deeply sensuous experience," says Geels.

Spas are becoming more advanced as well.

"Hydrotherapy spas with multi-functional jets for your shoulders, neck and back so that all the sore areas can be massaged with the adjustable pressure water jets. Spas now offer therapeutic and remedial features," Geels says.

There are also many advantages to having a relaxing soak rather than a shower. Geels lists just a few.

"You can spend much longer in a bath without feeling the pressure of wasting too much water.

"The ability to lie down while bathing offers different advantages to many people - whether it is luxurious, liberating or simply soothing.

"An average bath uses the same amount of water as two showers."

As far as colour trends go, white is still the most popular option, however, ivory is also available.

If you want a bath but are not sure how to design your bathroom so that it uses space efficiently, Geels has a couple of ideas.

"If space is minimal, a shower over bath is a great use of space. Reece's online Bathroom Planner is a fantastic tool for designing a space-efficient bathroom."

To take a look at the Bathroom Planner or to get more information about baths, visit or call 1800 032 566 to find your nearest Reece showroom.

Images supplied courtesy of Reece Plumbing Centres.

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