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How To Replace a Tap Washer

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"Tap Repair Kit": you will need a spanner / shifting spanner.

The first thing you need to do is stop the water supply coming into your house, this may be done by turning the valve off at your water meter / mains.

Next you will need to turn the tap that you are replacing on, and let all the water out.

Plug the drain to the sink in case you drop anything that might fall in.

Removing the tap body and spindle:

You will need to remove the handle first, this may by done by unscrewing a screw or nut or by simply unscrewing the handle once in open position.

If the tap has a metal cover you will need to remove this too.

Once the handle and cover are removed the "spindle" casing should be exposed.

Using your spanner, unscrew the top section of the "spindle". Remove all the internal assembly and replace with the items in your kit in the same way, and as per any instructions that came with your kit. Remove the washer.

When you remove the washer, replace it with the new one in the kit. If the washer is held with a nut you must remove this first.

Once the washer and top part internal assembly is in place, reassemble the cover and handle (as it was disassembled).

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