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How To Lay Brick Pavers

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  • shovel
  • rubber mallet
  • spirit level
  • plate compacter
  • string line
  • trowel


  1. Always plan out your job before you start.
  2. Make sure you calculate the depth of the material you remove as you will have to replace this material so that your finished level is at your required height.
  3. Install the edging at ground level. This can be made with edging boards treated with wood preservative or additional bricks. Alternatively increase the area you intend to pave by 100mm all around so that the pavers do not finish on the edge of your sand bed.
  4. Remove all grass, topsoil and debris from the area you intend to pave.
  5. Level the area
  6. Lay a minimum of 100mm or the required depth of fine gravel.
  7. Go over the entire area to be paved with a plate vibrator. You can get one at an equipment rental store.
  8. Cover the gravel with 50 to 75mm of sand.
  9. Level the sand with the side of a level. The depth should allow a brick to be laid on the sand to rise 5mm above the top of the edging.
  10. Lay the bricks in the desired pattern. Bed the pavers into the sand by knocking gently them into the sand with a rubber mallet.
  11. Use a garage broom, sweep dry cement and sand use 5:1mix between the bricks.
  12. Once finished make a sand and cement mix and apply to the perimeter of the you paved are, this will dry and lock in your paving preventing it from moving


  • Make sure you use brick paver’s not regular bricks, as pavers are more resistant to flaking caused by moisture and cold.
  • Never step on the sand once it's level. Use a wide board to spread your weight if you must cross it.
  • If you are paving next to your house make sure there is a fall away from the house so that there is no water build up against the house.
  • If you are paving a large area you may need to consider installing drainage.

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