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How To Install a Smoke Detector

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Smoke Detectors are an often overlooked, yet essential device in every Australian Home. Installation of Smoke Detectors in residential buildings was made compulsory by the Australian Government in 1994.

Installation is very simple, but there are some points to note.

  1. Buy Smoke Detectors Approved by Standards Australia
    Only buy quality detectors from reputable vendors – the consequences of a “dodgy detector” are not worth it.
  2. Follow Instructions to the letter
    Smoke detectors are generally very easy to install, requiring the simplest of tools. Refer to the instructions, and follow them to the letter. If you need help, seek the services of a qualified electrician or home handyman.
  3. Install high
    Your alarm should be installed on a ceiling or high up on a wall. Again, refer to the diagrams often provided with your detector.
  4. Be Aware of the Regulations
    Following are the Australian Regulations relating to Smoke Detector / Alarm installation:
    1. Locate between each area where there are bedrooms.
    2. If the bedrooms are not grouped in a common area or there are no connecting hallways, then an alarm must be located within 1.5m of the entrance of each bedroom.
    3. Locate on each level in the path that people will most likely take to evacuate the building or house.
    4. Locate on or near the ceiling avoiding “dead air spaces”. Dead spaces are spaces where trapped air prevents smoke from reaching the alarm (don’t locate too close to a corner).
    5. If locating on a wall, the smoke detector should be placed 300mm to 500mm from the ceiling.


Check that your smoke detector is working every month by pushing the test button.

It is helpful to select a specific date to change the batteries of all you detectors (e.g. a birthday). That way you know they are all working, and will not go flat at differing times.

Stay safe! Install Smoke Detectors, and check them regularly.

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