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How To Hang a Door

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Hanging a door can be a little tricky, but with a little of the right advice, you can do it without too much trouble.


  1. Firstly, you need to measure the height and width of your opening, and the thickness of the wall.
  2. With these measurements, choose an appropriate door from a door retailer or local hardware store. Standard doors may need to be shaved down a little to match the right size. Ask your door retailer or hardware store for advice.
  3. Position the door into the opening in your wall and use wooden chocks to help hold it in the opening and hold it secure.
  4. Make certain you completely fill the gap between the door frame and stud framing where the hinges and lock set will attach.
  5. Adjust the door using a square and a level until it’s as close to true and as plumb as possible. Continue to use the chocks to level and hold the door in place.
  6. Fix some screws partway through the jamb on the hinge side to temporarily attach the door to the frame.
  7. Use a square to check the other two jamb pieces for evenness, and check the door closing. Make sure gaps are even all around.
  8. Adjust as needed and attach all sides of the jamb with nails.
  9. Install the casing molding to the outside of the frame with nails.
  10. Countersink all nails fill holes with wood putty. Your door is now ready for staining or painting!


Take it slowly; make sure everything lines up before drilling, hammering or fixing any part of the door, jamb or moulding.

Make sure not to use interior doors for exterior purposes.

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