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How To Fix Large Holes in Plasterboard

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  • rags
  • timber
  • spare cut off plasterboard
  • liquid nails
  • saw
  • fine grain sandpaper
  • filling knife / spatula


  1. Lay old newspaper or an old sheet around the area, as this task can create some dust.
  2. Cut around the existing hole to remove any debris and square the opening as will result in an easier working area.
  3. Clean the area surrounding the hole and make sure there is no dust on the wall surrounding the hole especially inside the wall.
  4. From a spare drywall sheet cut out the approximate shape of the hole to be repaired.
  5. Using liquid nails place piece of timber to the back of the cut out. The timber should be 50 to 75mm longer than the hole to be repaired.
  6. Make 2 holes one on either side of the timber and loop wire or string through to enable you to hold the timber and plasterboard in place while the liquid nails dries.
  7. Apply liquid nails to the timber lengths that over hang the cutout.
  8. Place the timber and the cut out through the hole and pull back with the wire / string.
  9. Hold for 15 minutes with the liquid nails dries.
  10. Apply joint filler to the perimeter of the hole spread the joint filler evenly and filling all holes.
  11. Once dry cut off the wire / string and apply joint filler to hide and dents caused by cutting the wire or string.
  12. It is always better to over fill the area and sand back to match the existing wall.
  13. Once the joint filler is dry use a fine grain sandpaper and sand back the area to match the surrounding wall.
  14. With a slighter damped cloth wipe the area free of any dust.

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