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Louvre Windows make an Artistic Statement

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Louvre Windows make an Artistic Statement

by Lyndall Lee Arnold

Just like many designs and styles of past eras, louvred windows have once again come back into fashion. But forget any thoughts of sharp edges, whistling breezes and hard to operate metal fittings. Today’s louvres are safe and sealed and create an exciting stylish inclusion and a practical option for many home designs and décor.

In comparison with fixed windows, louvres can be easily cleaned completely from the inside, which makes them ideal for upper storey installations and hard to reach from the outside locations.

Louvres are ideal for varying ventilation requirements and the variety of widths available makes them ideal for fitting into many narrow spaces. They’re a great way to open up a stairwell or a dark corner.

The bevelled edge glass and the new generation fittings provide safe, non-sharp edges and create a complete seal so no wind whistling through the windows noises to keep you awake.

To maximise the effectiveness of your louvred windows, installation of security or insect screens is a great idea but there are few points to consider before you install the windows.

Most importantly, make sure that your louvres have a large enough casing to allow the screens to be fitted and still allow the louvres to be opened completely at the same time.

If you decide to install screens after the louvres are in place, the window casings may not be wide enough and additional work will be required to adjust the fittings to take the screens. If this is taken into account prior to the window installation it will cut costs and hassles. So don’t forget to discuss this with your builder or window manufacturer at the measuring up stage.

Louvre windows have been used on many high profile developments in recent years to create an artistic statement and there’s no reason why the same effect can’t be created in your home. And an adding effect – watch for the rainbow reflections when the sunlight hits them at the right angle – it’s spectacular.

Image courtesy of Luxaflex.

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