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Tile Revamp

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Tile Revamp

So the tiles in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen are looking a little worse for wear but your renovation budget doesn’t stretch to completely retiling? No worries! It’s now possible to revamp your tiles for a fraction of the cost of new tiles, simply by using tile paint. We spoke to Matt Hankin, Marketing Manager at White Knight Paints to find out the details.

Paint designed specifically for tiles is a great idea but it’s easy to wonder what it is, and what it does exactly.

"'White Knight Tile Paint' was specifically designed to decorate – change the colour of – any tiled surface excluding floors. This includes tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, etc and also in wet areas like a shower recess or splashbacks," Hankin says.

Tile paint is also great for covering up battered and tired-looking tiles so your tiles don’t have to be in good condition to get a great finish.

"The product is perfect for covering up old and battered tiles, giving a fresh, uniform look to the surface.

"Tiles can, of course, be repaired as the key to the process is the water-based primer, ‘White Knight Tile and Laminate Primer’, which should have no problem adhering to repaired tiles," Hankin says.

Worried that the paint won’t be durable or wouldn’t be available in the colour you require? Don’t be!

As Hankin says, "The tile paint itself is a high gloss finish which dries extremely hard and replicates the look of a glossy ceramic tile.

"The range is fully tintable with two tint bases allowing for thousands of colours to be mixed and matched. We are working on releasing another tint base to add another thousand or so colours plus two standard colours, silver and black, for both the tile and laminate paints."

Tile paint is a surprisingly easy to use product as well. No specialised knowledge is needed so you can easily do it yourself.

"Tile paint, like laminate paint, is part of a simple system: Clean, Prime, Paint! In the case of tile paint, the finishing touch, if required, is to fill in the grout lines with the White Knight Grout Pen.

"There is no special knowledge or skills required to use the product, but care taken when following the step by step process and the use of good quality painting equipment is essential for success," Hankin reassures.

The sample images here show just a couple of the colours and effects that you can get using tile paint. So if you’re thinking of doing a bathroom makeover on the cheap, grab some tile paint and let your imagination run wild!

For more information, visit or contact the White Knight Paints hotline on 13 16 86.

Image features White Knight Tile Paint and is courtesy of White Knight Paints.

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