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Removing a row of tiles from the bathroom wall

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Is it possible to remove a row of tiles in a bathroom to replace with a row of feature tiles? I do not want to re-tile the whole bathroom, just add some feature tiles. Thanks in advance.


Sure, it is possible to remove row of tiles from a wall of a wet area. However you need to be careful because if there is a waterproofing membrane behind the tiles you want removed, then invariably the waterproofing membrane will be damaged and this will pose a concern in the shower recess area as the waterproofing membrane extends past the shower rose on the wall.

To remove tiles from a wall without damaging neighbouring tiles, make a cross on one tile with masking tape. Drill holes into the tile spacing them at about 10mm-15mm. With a chisel and mallet/hammer remove the tile from its centre outward carefully so as not to damage nearby tiles.

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