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Laundries Go to the Top

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Laundries Go to the Top

by Lyndall Lee Arnold

Before finalising plans for your second storey addition, stop and think for a minute. What clever design feature can save you multiple trips up and down the stairs every week?

Answer: Locate the laundry on the top floor.

Upstairs in the bedrooms is where almost all the laundry is located and with most households opting for a dryer rather than the clothes line these days, it’s a logical and practical decision.

Choose a location in the farthest corner away from the staircase so it is hidden from view and passing traffic as much as possible. Locate next to, or as close as possible to the bathroom and/or above lower level wet areas to minimise plumbing costs.

Laundries don’t require a large room so you can utilise the end of a hallway or corner position.

Install a barn-style door, which opens out so as not to impinge on your work area. Keeping the lower section closed and upper section opens provides privacy, hides any mess and is a safety feature for children and pets while allowing ventilation and air circulation for the drying process.

A child-proof lock may also be installed for additional safety for young children.

Air space above tubs can be utilised for a light line hanging system while benches and cupboards can be built in along all walls. Allows for plenty of storage cupboards for cleaning products, which are used upstairs, and save carrying them up from downstairs.

A built-in ironing centre such as the Robin Hood is ideal and the location makes last minute pressing jobs a breeze. But you will still need a traditional ironing board for large items such as sheets and tablecloths.

An upstairs laundry may seem a strange idea now, but just a few weeks of washing duties and you’ll be convinced of its value.

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