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When Paint Isn't Paint

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When Paint Isn't Paint

by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Paint has come a long way from the days of matte, gloss and semi-gloss finishes. Go into any paint store, it seems, and there is an ever-increasing range of textured finishes. From suede to pearl to metallics, theres a finish to suit any taste or d´┐ęcor.

We've spoken to the good people at Porter's Paints, Dulux and Wattyl in order to let you in on the hottest trends in paint finishes right now.

Porter's Paints

Porter's Paints are renowned for their unique finishes and innovative products. With products in their range including milk paint, Liquid Iron, Instant Rust and Stainless Steel, to name a few, Porter's has got sections of the market covered in ways the big companies can't even imagine.

We spoke to Lucy Sutherland, Marketing Manager at Porter's Paints to find out what's hot right now.

"Metallic products re really popular at present in tones of copper, silvers and soft golds.

"Our Alchemy range of metallic finishes is very popular at the moment, especially the Rich Copper product, Stainless Steel and also the Liquid Iron with Instant Rust," Sutherland says.

Sounds complicated to use? Don't worry. Sutherland reassures home renovators that the paints are easy to use and come with clear instructions on the can.

"Most of the products are reasonably easy to use. You can always ask your local store to give you tips and advice on how to best apply the product," Sutherland says.

To see the full range of Porter's Paints products, go to To book a colour consultant, phone 1800 656 664.


Dulux paintsDulux is probably the best-known paint company in Australia, and one of the most respected. To get the lowdown on their newest and most popular paint finishes, we spoke to Andrea Lucena-Orr, the Colour and Communication Manager at Dulux.

"Textured paints  suede and render  are still very in vogue, especially the metallics in the warmer hue groups such as pewter, bronze and gold," Lucena-Orr says.

Lucena-Orr is quick to reassure home renovators that textured paints are simple to use.

"We make of all our products with DIY in mind, therefore our products tend to be quite easy to use with clear application directions."

The beauty of paint is that is one of the easiest things to change within a home. If you have used a textured paint in your home already and want to remove it, or are wary of using textured finishes for fear of them being difficult to remove, don't worry. Dulux paint finishes are easy to remove, as Lucena-Orr says.

"For Interior, our products (textures) are very subtle, therefore a light sand and undercoat will get your walls back to a standard paint finish."

To take a look at Dulux products or to get some more tips on painting your home, visit Colour consultancy is also available through the website.


Wattyl, while perhaps having been thought of as a more 'traditional' paint company in the past, has more than caught up with the trend of textured paint finishes, with some of their most popular ranges being Wattyl i.d Pearl Copper and Wattyl i.d Pearl. We spoke to Michelle Hopkins, Colour Communications Manager at Wattyl, to get her take on Wattyl's paint finishes.

"Metallics are still a very important trend in paint finishes. Todays metallics similarly reflect the pastel tones of the coloured whites such as Wattyl Virtue and Opalite  these add a subtle sense of play and innocence. Metallics are also prevalent in the warmer metal inspired tones of metal and copper, moving away from silver and platinum shades. This recreates the authenticity of the natural warm elements and allow for a rich and decadent feel," Hopkins says.

At Wattyl, the most popular finishes are "mixtures of texture and silky smooth finishes, from interior stone finishes to high gloss enamels, and one colour in different sheen levels within one space; the play of shadows and light," according to Hopkins.

Visit to see the full range of Wattyl products as well as plenty of other information for DIY painters. To book a colour consultant, call the Wattyl Colour Consultant Service hotline on 1300 366 690.

With thanks to Dulux for the images provided.

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