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It's a real laundry, but smaller!

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It's a real laundry, but smaller!

Every home needs a good, functional laundry space. But just how much space you want to dedicate to this most mundane of tasks is completely up to you.

Thanks to new space-saving appliances, an entire laundry can just about fit into a cupboard. So get creative: is there some space going begging under a staircase, could you sacrifice one wall of the bathroom, or can you convert the walk-in pantry?

The mini-laundry relies on compact, efficient appliances, such as front-loading washers or even combined washer-dryers. Because you can’t stack a dryer directly on top of it, a top-loading washer isn’t the ideal choice; it will simply take up too much space. In a confined area, it may also be a little awkward to load and unload.

The compact nature of the mini-laundry doesn’t necessarily compromise its performance  shelving, hanging space and even a small bench will often fit above and alongside the appliances. Maximise the laundry’s efficiency with clever cabinetry design: once you’ve got the washer, dryer and tub in place, work out how to turn the remaining space into workable, organised storage.

Underbench cupboards or super-accessible pull-out drawers are useful for holding dirty washing, and overhead cupboards or shelving are a must. Incorporate a pull-out ironing board, and, in you have the room, some smaller drawers for odds and ends. A couple of hooks on the wall above the tub will also come in handy.

When you’re saving on space, don’t scrimp on the finishes: a glossy glass splashback or crisp white tiling will help define the area as a laundry space. A porcelain tub looks much less utilitarian than a stainless steel one, and details like designer tapware will turn your mini-laundry into a mini-showpiece.

Whether it’s a showpiece or not, the best thing about a mini-laundry is that once you’ve hidden it away behind bi-fold doors, no-one will guess it’s there.

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