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Updating the Laundry

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Updating the Laundry

by Carol Staines

With today’s busy lifestyle, having a smooth running laundry is essential but it takes planning to make this happen. It’s the small details that are important in work intensive spaces. Remember, moving plumbing fitments will run into money, so avoid this if possible.

Draw a scaled map of the room and fitments then rearrange until the most space efficient plan is achieved. Make sure that doors can swing freely and there is sufficient floor space for comfort. Remember that water and electricity can be a lethal combination if things go wrong. Here are some pointers for a work efficient space.

Updating the colour scheme is inexpensive. If the room has a low light factor, increase the window size, fit a sliding glass door or a skylight.

Night time laundry use requires adequate lighting – for example, over the bench, the ironing board and the dryer. Wall-mount the clothes dryer at an easily reachable height.

Purpose place power points at optimum heights and for multi-tasks. For example, if you iron and listen to the radio, request a double power point in the appropriate spot.

Plan well designed storage space, either pantry style or wall cupboards. A long benchtop is essential.

Cleaning agent cupboards require a safety lock if you have young children.

Dryers should be vented to an outside wall, never into the ceiling space as this creates mould, induces wood rot and termite activity.

Open shelves in laundries generally end up repositories of unsightly mess. Add extra wall tiles especially around wet areas.

Provision for wet weather gear saves water and mud being tramped through the house.

Some councils now permit laundries to be situated within a cupboard rather than being a separate room. This is not always practical.

When updating the washing machine, assess its water usage rating.

Update the floor coverings. If ceramic tiles are worn or just dated, consider re-tiling over them.

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