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Planning a Kitchen

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Planning a Kitchen

by Carol Staines

Designing the kitchen “just right” will take effort on your part to make it happen. It could look great but function poorly which would be a shame – particularly if it’s $20,000.00 or so later!

The key is to marry looks to a practicality that works for you. Add to that, safety and comfort. Your kitchen is a heavy duty work area involving water, electricity and heat, making it accident prone. Take this into consideration when planning. Consider the following&

Sufficient bench space in the right places. When you are serving meals, plan for a sufficient length of bench space to lay out all the dinner plates. Provide for a bench top beside the oven to accept hot dishes without having to juggle.

Storage - Upper cupboards should be easily reached at least on the bottom shelf. Pantries with narrow shelving are preferable to deep and narrow cupboards. Position crockery cupboards close to the dishwasher to encourage easy unloading.

Power points should be sited in several sites so that more than one person can work in the kitchen at a given time.

Floor coverings - Tiles are popular but can be hard underfoot. Other cheaper options include cork or new generation linoleum or timber flooring.

Lighting needs to be concentrated over work areas with the entire area being well illuminated.

Consider your personal preferences. Do you want to work left to right vice versa? Keep this in mind when positioning cutlery drawers and power points for appliances.

Kitchens can be too large, especially the space between benches. Work out what is a comfortable distance for your needs.

When it comes to kitchen fitments the choice is almost limitless. Ask yourself, what do you really need, rather than being carried away in the excitement of the project whilst it is blowing costs over budget. Take your time, do your homework and enjoy your kitchen.

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