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A garage door you'll adore

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A garage door you'll adore

When renovating or building a new home, it pays to do some research before choosing a garage door. Why? On many new homes, the garage door can be more visible – and, in most cases, larger - than the front entrance, so choosing the right one is crucial to the overall look and feel of your home.

Budget, security, and also the height and width of your garage will all need to be considered before you can select the right style of garage doors.

You also need to choose garage doors that are going to complement your home. There are three main types to choose from - roll-a-doors, sectional roller doors, and tilt doors - and each one will create a different look and suits different styles of homes.

The most basic garage door is a roll-a-door. A mainstay of Aussie suburbia since 1956, roll-a-doors are practical, secure and extremely cost-effective. Because of the way they operate, roll-a-doors have to be made from galvanised steel, however they are available in a multitude of colours, and can be matched to a Colorbond roof or your guttering. And, if you’re after a more traditional look than steel can offer, timber look-alike roll-a-doors are also now available.

If you have a Federation or colonial-style home, a sectional door, which rolls up like a roll-a-door but is constructed of a series of horizontally hinged panels, is a good option. Sectional doors can be made from steel or timber and come in a range of styles. Traditional design features such as moulding and routing, timber panelling, even little rows of lead-light windows can be incorporated into sectional doors. Also available are aluminium-framed translucent fibreglass sectional doors - because they let light in, they can be a good choice for windowless garages.

Single-panel tilt doors offer the most flexibility when it comes to design. And, because of the way they open, tilt doors are also the best choice for garages with a low ceiling. They can be made from tongue-and-groove timber panelling (laid diagonally, vertically or horizontally), plywood - with and without mouldings - or flat aluminium sheeting, which works well on more contemporary homes.

By identifying which type of garage door is right for your needs, you’re more likely to end up with something that enhances, rather than detracts from, the look of your home.

Photo courtesy of B&D Doors.

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