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Groovy garages

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Groovy garages

Garage doors have become an integral part of a home’s facade - often covering up to a third of its street frontage. Fashions come and go, but making news at the moment are garage doors that blend seamlessly with the home’s exterior. Basically, the idea is to make the garage attractive, but unobtrusive.

This can be done in several ways. One idea is to choose a garage door that mirrors the look of the home’s main entrance doors – thanks to companies that custom-make garage doors, this is not as difficult as it may sound. If your home’s entrance doors feature panelling and heritage-style mouldings, repeat this on the garage door. Contemporary homes look great with large, painted doors featuring geometric glazed cut-outs. Try repeating this look on the garage door. If your front door is panelled timber with wrought-iron grilles, carry this look across to the garage door.

Another (more budget-conscious) way to make the garage door really look like a cohesive part of the home’s frontage is to match it with the home’s window-frames or accent colours. For example, if you’re lucky enough to have timber windows, choose a timber garage door. Honey-hued western red cedar is great for warming up an otherwise stark-looking rendered home, and the perfect finish for Tuscan or country-style homes. However, while garage doors made from cedar tongue-and-groove slats look warm and welcoming, they do weather, and may warp if exposed to extreme heat or humidity. The solution? Some companies are now offering timber-look steel doors which create the same effect.

Georgian-style architecture is still big news in housing. Garage doors featuring simple mouldings work well with this look, especially when painted in the colour of the home’s darkest accent colour (preferably a dark neutral like coffee or chocolate). Another popular look is matching the garage door colour to the main house colour, and picking out the mouldings in an accent colour.

Or you can make the garage door simply disappear: a flat aluminium tilt-door, painted one shade lighter or darker than the house colour, almost disappears and works brilliantly on sleek, angular rendered homes.

Having a hard time deciding what to choose? Take a look at the latest offering from B&D Doors – an aluminium-framed sectional garage door with mix-and-match inserts. There are 13 different insert options to choose from, including opaque acrylic, coloured aluminium, and timber. Create your own look, and update it with the seasons.

Photo courtesy of B&D Doors.

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