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Softening the Lines - Modern Style Furniture

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Softening the Lines - Modern Style Furniture

by Jaclyn Fitzgerald

Modern-style furniture with its clean lines is still hugely in fashion at the moment but with the trends turning toward a softer, cosier feel, it's time to start softening the edges.

Glass, stainless steel and wood are still the most popular materials but they can feel cold and using them incorrectly can make your house feel more like an industrial warehouse and a home.

So, we've spoken to Gill Moore from Interiors to Go to find out some ways that you can soften the furniture you have without spending an absolute fortune.

"The easiest and most cost effective way to change the look and achieve a softer feel to living areas is by adding textures. This can be done with cushions, throws and rugs.

"Use lots of different textures, for instance silks, linen, leather, suede and furs in similar colours or co-ordinating fabrics in contrasting colours. Mokum Textiles and Designer's Guild both have a fantastic choice of fabrics," Moore says.

Patterns are also back in style, but Moore warns against going crazy with them.

"Patterns are back but we are using them in smaller amounts. Wallpaper is making a comeback for use as a feature. There are lots of patters inspired by nature as well as retro geometrics. Abstract art is also very popular at the moment," Moore advises.

Adding colour by repainting is also a great way to revamp a room on the cheap. Merely changing the colour of your paint can make a dramatic difference to the ambience and style of a room.

"Colours are much warmer at the moment. Neutrals are still very much around but we are now adding burnt orange, rich reds, purples/browns or even black and white. Previous seasons' chocolates are being given a new lease of life by adding blues, from pale blue through to bright aqua or greens, from bright to soft olives. Other colours that are becoming popular are the pinks, right from soft pink through to berry purple," Moore says.

So now that you have soft furnishings and walls covered, what about the windows?

"Plantation shutters are still popular as are timber Venetians, but we are going towards softer blinds now such as Roman blinds that you can have made in any fabric, can be blockout and are easy to use and maintain," Moore states.

But perhaps the most important piece of advice is not to get too caught up in the latest trends. Buying classics means that you can update easily and stay abreast of the trends according to Moore.

"Nobody should be influenced simply by the latest trend. When buying expensive pieces of furniture, think very carefully about how long you intend to keep the item and what sort of look you are going for, but most importantly, what YOU like.

"Your home says a lot about you so make it personal. By buying simply pieces of furniture, you can easily change the look with accessories if you are the type of person who likes change. If you have to have the latest look, be aware that it wont be the latest look for very long!"

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