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Changing tile colours on high-traffic floors

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We have a tiled kitchen/ dining/ entry area (high traffic area) where I would like to change the colour without going to the expense of retiling. Is there a product or process which will achieve a good result? I believe the White Knight Tiling Paint available is not suited to this application. Any help appreciated.


You will find many paints on the market that are suitable for application on wall tiles. The paint manufacturing companies I have dealt with do not recommend that these paints be applied on floor tiles and they do not guarantee their tile paints when applied to floor tiles.

My advice would be to consider removing the existing and replacing with tiles of your choice or leaving existing tiles in place and applying a new floor finish over these such as the "Quartz Carpet" or "X-Bond System" range with a company called Alternative Surfaces (1300 760 877). Have a look at this page to get a feel for how to apply X-Bond.

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